Monday, November 23, 2009


STRESS joined a small young family. It sat with them at dinner; laid with them in bed and slept inside the young husband's pockets during the day, awaking with every jostle to bite his leg with its short pointy teeth. The young wife tried to hide STRESS in her pockets, but her pockets were too shallow. This particular ball of STRESS only fit inside a man's deep-pocketed trousers. And because she could not pocket it, the young wife began laughing and dancing wildly to distract her husband, but eventually she would grow tired and pause and during those pauses, STRESS's screams would be heard again, its bites felt again.

One day, the young husband dreamed, he wouldn't rely on STRESS to pay the heating bill, the monthly rent and the food expenses and when that day comes, he will evict STRESS from his pockets.