Friday, March 2, 2018


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We listen
as it raps and
stumbles into the kitchen
lamps, lamps that look like
wide open tulips with round
metal petals and lit bulb centers.
The hive is outside, up on the roof
of the house beside the chalky brick
chimney. There is no hive inside this house,
no waxen globes strung from ceiling beams,
no stamens, no pollen, no pistils, no queens, no bees,
only houseplants and wall paint, three people, a dog,
fabricated fibers, leggy spiders, foreign fruit, paper flowers,
air, wood and the maps we draw daily with ink, skin,
hair, crumbs, crayons, sound
                                           and shadow.
So how long now before he becomes another
body bent beside the window glass,
dry and light as a brown leaf,
still and stuck as a stone,
empty of life and of

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