Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Miniscule Massacre

The lifeless bodies of twenty gnats lay together at the deep end of our poisonous pool of red wine vinegar and lemon scented dish soap. Our plan has worked. Our enemy, defeated. No more will these gnats fly in and around our mouths and noses, onto our soft pink peaches, black and yellow bananas nor onto our plump purple plums. Never will these itty-bitty insects squat over our abandoned, defenseless bread basket, nor sneak and eat our trash bag sraps. Now they are all dead. Dramatically drowned in our poisonous pond of cooking wine and household cleaners. The Soap and Vinegar Massacre at the Fruit Dish and Cherry Tomato Bowl in the month of September, year twenty-ten, will be passed from bug to bug; recorded in teeny tiny text books and on bug blogs across the insect internet for all time.