Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Ring Story, Part II

Photo by: Patrick Cummings

Yesterday, while the weather acted like a temperamental toddler, I walked into our local Volvo dealership office. An older gentleman stood there and smiled for me to explain what I needed.
"How much would it cost for you to take out my passenger-side seat?"


"-Ok, I'll tell you why. I got married last Saturday and ON.OUR.WAY. to our honeymoon, my husband was playing with his ring and it fell off of his finger. We're pretty sure it fell down the hole where the seat is bolted in, but we can't reach far enough to get it."
The old man behind the counter chuckled with me.
"I told him to stop playing with it!"

"It'll cost a half an hour's labor. So about $40."

I handed over my bundle of keys and waited in the waiting room reading about racist babies in Newsweek. When the seat was out of the car, I was retrieved and escorted to the garage. The old mechanic shined a light into the hole, while another old man mechanic pulled up the center console, while I stood there hoping for shiny news. After a few minutes of digging his fingers under the car's carpet, I heard,
"A-ha! I see it!"

He handed me the ring and I shoved it onto my thumb. Then I jumped up and down with my arms flaring like an idiot.
"yay! yay!!!"
I just kept saying "yay."

The other mechanics in the garage saw me in my delight and smiled.
One guy hollered from the back room.
"That'll cost you $300!"